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St Mary Star of the Sea 150th Anniversary Gala Ball

South Coast Photographic recently had the privilege of documenting an extraordinary event that will forever be etched in the memories of St Mary Star of the Sea school and its community. The 150th anniversary Gala Ball held at the iconic WIN Entertainment Centre in Wollongong was a night of celebration, performances, and nostalgia that showcased the rich history and vibrant spirit of this esteemed institution.

The Gala Ball brought together current and past students, parents, staff, and esteemed guests for a night filled with entertainment and heartfelt reminiscing. South Coast Photographic was immersed in the festivities, ready to capture every magical moment.

The evening kicked off with captivating dance acts by the talented current students of St Mary Star of the Sea school. Their energy and passion set the stage for an unforgettable night. MC Joanna Griggs guided the audience through the event, expertly navigating conversations with past students, the principal, and the author of a new book chronicling the school's rich history.

A highlight of the night was the electrifying performance by "Killer Queen," one of the world's best Queen cover bands. Their stellar renditions of the iconic band's hits had everyone on their feet, singing along and reminiscing about the timeless music that has defined generations.

South Coast Photographic was commissioned to capture the essence of this momentous occasion. We roamed the venue, discreetly capturing candid shots of laughter, hugs, and heartfelt conversations. From the joyous reunion of past students to the captivating performances, every frame was composed to ensure that the memories of this historic event would last a lifetime.

The 150th anniversary Gala Ball of St Mary Star of the Sea school was a testament to the enduring legacy and profound impact of education. It served as a reminder of the bonds formed, the memories cherished, and the countless lives touched by this remarkable institution.

It is an honour to be entrusted with capturing the milestones and celebrations that shape our communities. The 150th anniversary Gala Ball of St Mary Star of the Sea school in Wollongong was an event of grandeur and significance, and we are grateful to have been a part of it. The memories we've captured will be treasured by the school and its community for generations to come.

If you have an upcoming event or occasion that you'd like us to document with the same passion and dedication, please don't hesitate to reach out. South Coast Photographic is here to ensure that your special moments are preserved and cherished forever.

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