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Spotlight on Modern Design: Titania Reserve - Greenwell Point's New Amenities Block

In a seamless blend of form and function, Connectra Building introduces its latest amenities block in Greenwell Point, NSW. South Coast Photographic was tasked with the mission of visually documenting this project, using both still photography and drone imagery.

Here are some examples:

Connectra Build's dedication to quality shines through in the Greenwell Point project. The new amenities block prioritizes practicality while incorporating modern design elements that harmonize with the surrounding landscape.

Charged with capturing the block's essence, South Coast Photographic embarked on the challenge of visually conveying its impact. The still photographs emphasize the building's textures, lines, and functional aspects through expert use of light and shadow.

Aerial Insights via Drone Photography

Adding a different perspective, drone imagery offers an overhead view that accentuates how the block integrates with its environment. The contrast between the contemporary architecture and the natural backdrop creates a captivating visual dynamic.

Appreciating Architectural Craftsmanship

Beyond its functional role, the new amenities block serves as a canvas for modern design. South Coast Photographic's work allows us to delve into the language of architectural excellence and the narratives it can unfold.

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