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Updated: Aug 1, 2023

In search of a top-notch commercial property photographer on the South Coast NSW region? Whether you're planning to showcase your property for a potential sale or simply desire updated images for your website and marketing efforts, finding the perfect photographer is crucial. Allow these valuable tips to guide you in selecting the ideal professional for the job.

A standard brief for a South Coast Commercial Property Photography shoot like the one below at a new KFC outlet should ideally look like:

Internal/External Photos :

  • Focus on branding, signage & presentation

  • Interior shots showing the best attributes of the business, with customers

  • Aim to have the car park, drive thru and street busy (cars parked and passing) particularly when taking any distance shots along the road way, in the drive thru

  • Close ups of the well-presented aspects of the building

  • Carpark / Drive Thru

Here are some examples:

Aerial/Drone Imagery:

  • High & Low Drone shots (as low as 3 metres) showcasing the property & immediate surrounds

  • Low/Medium Drone Shot capturing the property front on & off to each angle

  • A shot directly above the property (bird’s eye) capturing the entire property boundary plus the adjoining Woolworths

  • High drone shot looking at each direction to show residential catchment

  • Angles up & down the road with the Property in the foreground, highlighting surrounding roads, houses and retail etc

Aerial images are marked up so we always try and get as many different high-profile brands/retailers in the image

Get in touch! I'd be honoured to work with you to create some stunning South Coast Business Photography. Please contact me at to find out more and discuss your requirements! You can also follow me on Instagram or add a review on Google My Business.

Cheers, SCP :)

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