Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I think there's something that makes country people a little different to us coastal city folk, in a good way. The hospitality, the generational family bonds, the connection to land...I can't quite put my finger on it, but it just felt a bit like I was in a different country — or something like it — when I visited the Watson family farm near Gooloogong NSW, for a family portrait shoot.

I had the pleasure of shooting Josh and Sarah's wedding in Mollymook earlier in the year, which was wonderful. At our pre-wedding meetings we got to talking about where they grew up — Josh in Cowra, and Sarah on her family's farm. "You should come out and stay for a weekend sometime!" said Sarah.

Enough said. I love travelling, and the idea of visiting and capturing a slice of a different way of life to what I know always intrigues me.

And so it was that we journeyed out into the country and spent a fantastic weekend on the farm with Sarah, Josh and her Mum and Dad, brother, sister, in-laws and 4 champion nieces and nephews, the 4 dogs, the galah, the horses, the cow, the chooks, sheep and a lot of canola...

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