I was commissioned by The Recognition Group to photograph Schottlanders Wagyu, a stunning 174 hectare farm on the south coast near Gerringong, NSW. The brief was to capture all the images for their new website. They wanted to showcase the stunning location, as well as illustrate the resort-style comfort and minimal stress that their animals enjoy.

The client knew that they needed great images to help explain to the prospective clients what their business offers, as this can make a big difference in ensuring the customer chooses them over the competition.

The brief called for a few days shooting on location on their picturesque property in Rose Valley, near Gerringong NSW. The client needed a variety of images of cows in their pastures, as well as the unique cow-operated back scratching brushes. Daily farm life, wagyu processing and the finished product of their highest quality wagyu, showing the famous marbling. I shot from before dawn to make the most of the beautiful early morning light.

I utilised both stills & aerial (drone) to capture both the essence of Schottlanders, and the overall look and feel required by The Recognition Group.

Below are some images from the completed website...

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