Small businesses on the south coast compete with the world market these days, so they need to present themselves as professionally as everyone else in order to stand out on online platforms such as Amazon.

If their products aren't looking the part, neither is their business...

Dreamweaver Crafts, a small business from Mollymook on the NSW South Coast has a beautiful range of oil burners, in varying sizes, shapes and colours.

They needed to provide Amazon with professional standard images of each product on a white background. Sounds easy? Using their own camera and a substandard set-up, the owner struggled to get any images which showed the products in their best light. Enter South Coast Photographic..!

These shoots are inexpensive and well worth undertaking, as I have the expertise to create quality images your customers expect to see when online shopping...

Below are some of the deep-etched finished images, ready for upload to Amazon..


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