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Vincentia Marketplace commissioned me to capture natural & relaxed images of local business people whilst in their place of business, for their in-house marketing campaigns. This was an interesting challenge for me as a South Coast marketing photographer.

The brief was to photograph each business representative for an upcoming marketing campaign. During a busy marketplace workday, I had just minutes to work with them between customers. Encouraging the often nervous subjects to stay relaxed and "real". In keeping with the "friendly and welcoming vibe" that was required.

“If you like what you've seen and read, get in touch. I'd be honoured to work with you. You can also follow me on Instagram, or follow me on Instagram, or add a review on Google My Business

I won't say photography is my life, 'cause there are other things too. Like my wonderful family and friends, good food and travel. All the adventures you get to have living where we do.

However, you could say I'm rarely without a camera!

I've been taking photos for almost as long as I can remember. The world going digital accelerated the obsession, revealing an opportunity to create a life based around my camera. South Coast Photographic by Peter Izzard was born.

Over time I've realised that fads come and go, and my way is not to follow the crowd. I stick to what has got me to where I am. I do this by producing unique, natural and honest images, images that look as great in future years, as they do when you first see them. I've been shooting people doing important things, like getting together, getting married and having families for well over ten years. And, I still get a kick out of this wonderful privilege. The privilege it is to be given the task of documenting the momentous and everyday events in people's Lives. I am among the best South Coast Business & Portrait Photographers.

Get in touch! I'd be honoured to work with you to create some stunning South Coast Business Photography. Please contact me at to find out more and discuss your requirements! You can also follow me on Instagram or add a review on Google My Business.

Cheers, Pete :)

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